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Reptile Misting System Kits & Supplies is a leading supplier of high quality reptile misting systems, misting nozzles and related fittings.It doesn't matter if you are misting snakes, frogs, lizards or orchids. We can supply you with everything you will need to keep your exotic animals/plants healthy and happy. If you have any questions or if you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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Misting Systems Q & A's

Do your misting systems produce an ultra fine mist or a coarse spray?
Our misting systems can be used to produce an ultra fine mist or a very coarse spray. The droplet size depends on the type of nozzle, nozzle spacing & operating pressure. We offer several styles of nozzles that produce a mist fine enough to float on air, we also offer nozzles that have much higher flow rates and produce larger droplets.

Are the pumps that are included with the Rainmaker series misting system kits self priming?
Yes, The pump (# WT25FI) that is included with the Rainmaker I & Rainmaker I Expanded misting system kit is self priming. Pump # RMJR6 (included with the Rainmaker Junior misting system kit) is self priming after the initial prime.

What are your misting systems normally used for?
Our products are used for many different applications, ranging from static electricity control & dust suppression to odor control and concrete curing. Other popular uses include humidifying exotic plant and animal enclosures, outdoor people cooling, livestock cooling, etc.

Can the pumps be ran continuously?
The pump that is included with the Rainmaker I & Rainmaker I Expanded system (pump # WT25FI) is designed for intermittent or continuous duty. The pump that's included with the Rainmaker Junior system (pump # RMJR6) is designed for intermittent duty only (maximum 5 minutes on, with a minimum of 1 minute off between mistings).

What's the minimum amount of time that the system can be set to operate for?
All of the Rainmaker series misting system kits include a high quality electronic digital timer that can be programmed to operate 1-14 times a day, anywhere from 1 minute to as long as 23 hrs 59 minutes.
Other timers are available with much shorter durations and more "on" times if needed.

I have several terrariums that I would like to install a misting system in, but there in different areas of my home and I don't want to buy two separate systems. Can I use one system to mist all of my terrariums, even though there located in different parts of my home?
Yes, the supply lines that carry the pressurized water from the pump to the misting nozzles are made of very flexible high pressure hose. So, as long as you can reach the terrariums with the misting hose, then you should be able to mist all of them with a single system.

The exact number of nozzles and hose that can be operated from a single pump would ultimately be determined by several factors, such as choice of nozzle, corresponding flow rate, number of nozzles, fittings. etc. But typically, up to 60' + of flexible hose and a dozen or more nozzles wouldn't be a problem even for the smaller Rainmaker Junior System. 

The Upgrade Pump (#WT25FI ) that's included with the Rainmaker I & Rainmaker I Expanded Reptile Misting Systems allow even more flexibility. And normally 60 or more nozzles can be used with 80' + of flexible hose. Actual number of nozzles & hose will vary depending one many factors such as nozzle flow rate, number of nozzles, number for fittings, etc.

Are the nozzles prone to clogging due to heavy mineral loads in the water supply?
No, unlike brass nozzles which are less forgiving to heavy mineral loads that may be present, ours are constructed from an advanced high strength plastic material (acetal) that actually repels lime and mineral deposits. Additionally, each nozzle is outfitted with an inexpensive 200 mesh filter screen that can be easily replaced as needed.

How much water does the system use?
The amount of water that the system will consume will depend on several factors such as, pump & nozzle style, number of nozzles on the system and frequency and duration of mistings.  Typically, if your using the "low flow wide angle nozzles" (which tend to be the most popular for cooling and humidification purposes), then each nozzle will emit about 1/2 ounce per minute if used with our Rainmaker I pump (model # WT25FI)).

So to get a good idea of how much water your system will use in a 24 hr period, just multiply the nozzle flow rate per minute x the number of nozzles on the system x the number of minutes that your system will operate each day. This will give you a reasonable estimate of how much water you can expect your system to use on a daily basis.

Are the pumps that are included with your misting system kits loud?
No, both of the pumps that we offer with the various Rainmaker Misting System Kits are very quiet and will not disturb plants, animals, or most people!

Couldn't find the answer to you particular question? More Q & A's will be added soon. If you have a question that cannot be answered here please feel free to contact us at anytime.